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Client Referral Program

We would like to share our profits with those who help us succeed. Just provide warm intros to companies that are a good fit. That’s it! If you refer a client who hires from our talent pool, we will give you a referral fee.

How does it work?

Provide warm intros when there is an opportunity. 

We can go through your contacts and ask for ad hoc intros (max. 4 per month).

Get $500 for each of the first 3 hires.

You can either receive the referral fee or donate the money to organizations whose mission is to offer training and bringing job opportunities in tech to vulnerable groups in Latin America. 

Why participate in our Referral Program?

Help friends in leading tech roles solve their talent acquisition issues.

For most startups and medium-sized companies, competing with huge employers like Facebook, Google, Uber, etc is their #1 obstacle to growing their team.

Bring life-changing opportunities to people in South America.

High-quality and well-paid jobs can positively impact people’s lives and regional economies.

Bring great talent to great startups

Companies hiring remotely in South America find the same seniority of professionals at 50% of the cost with a compatible culture and similar time zones.

Open to new opportunities

Now more than ever, offering remote work is an advantage and breaks up geographical limits. 

More about South Talent

In 8 years, we have helped 30+ companies create their remote teams and take them to the next level.  We have found jobs for 96 people. 85% are Software Engineers, the rest are Designers, Project Managers, QA Engineers, and Marketing Specialists.

Headquartered in the US

Experienced remote teams or first-timers

From seed round to series B

Who our typical clients are

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